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On Father’s Day we have lots of reasons to celebrate, like those big bear hugs, or the years it took off his life when he taught us how to drive, or the sage (and not so sage) dating advice.

At The Australian Natural Soap Company we believe that everyone deserves (or maybe needs) a little pampering every now and again, so, for father’s day, we’ve whipped up a whole bunch of gift packs and products perfect for every different kind of dad.


Father’s Day Gift Box Available in store $52

This Father’s day we’ve made things easy for you and combined three of our ALL TIME FAVE PRODUCTS, wrapped them up, and topped them off with a bow! Peppermint and Pumice soap is an amazing exfoliant and will have him feeling squeaky clean whilst the  Man Care Oil will leave his skin silky smooth, top it off with a spritz of our True Love For Him Cologne and you’ve got yourself a brand new man!


The Beard box $29.95

Your dad’s facial hair was cool before it was cool to grow facial hair! One of our best sellers, The Beard Box, includes Beard Grooming and Aftershave Oil that will leave him soft and smelling amazing, and our Beard Shampoo that shampoos and conditions the beard whilst being gentle on the skin. Both products are popped into our Big Travel Tin and topped with a bow.


True Love For Him Gift Box (sml) $33

He had style, he had flair, he was there, that’s how he became your Daddy. Oh wait, that’s The Nanny. Regardless, like Fran Fine, your pops has style and what better way to acknowledge that then with our ultra luxe True Love For Him Gift Box. This gift box includes our fave Cologne made with pure essential oils, and our warm and deeply moisturising True Love For Him Soap.


Trip Around Australia Gift Box $29

Take him on a sensory trip around Aus with three gorgeous soaps, each a homage to an iconic Australian destination: Bondi, Noosa and Fitzroy.

All Australian Natural Soap Company‘s soaps are handmade in Australia, vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, sulphate free, detergent free and palm oil free. They are also biodegradable as is their beautiful packaging. Certified Cruelty Free.



Father’s Day Gift Ideas



Can you believe it’s only 3 weeks until Father’s Day!!! We’re already getting lots of people in our store a bit perplexed about what they should get so I thought I’d tell you about some of our best sellers for Dad:

Special release Father’s Day Beer Soap: It’s only been a few days since we released our beer soap and already it is selling like hotcakes. It’s not just a novelty soap, beer is actually an amazing natural ingredient for the skin… but we’re also sure a lot of Dads out there would love the idea of bathing in the amber ale.

Beard Grooming & Aftershave Oil: Combining argan with sweet almond & rice bran oils, this will tame even the shaggiest of beards. The argan is also very soothing on the skin and helps with irritation so it makes a great aftershave oil as well. We also flavour it with spearmint, cedarwood and cinnamon so it smells absolutely amazing.

Beard Soap: Our Beard Soap not only shampoos but conditions the beard leaving it soft & silky. It also soothes irritation. Definitely one to tame the beardruff and also soften a wiry beard.

Shaving Soap: Our shaving soap provides a rich, conditioning lather that will reduce nicks & cuts. The natural oils also leaves skin beautifully moisturised. So much better than the concoction of chemicals we’ve grown used to with shaving creams that come in aerosols.

Soap on a Rope: Soap on a Ropes used to once upon a time be THE THING to give Dad for Father’s Day but then they just got plain uncool…. Well we’re here to bring the soap on a rope back in a big way. Ours look a lot more rustic than the olden day ones and feel amazing on the skin. And what more, they are really practical – making sure your soap remains nice and drained. Don’t forget to put in check out (if ordering online) what soap you would like to give Dad on a rope.

Gift Packs including True Love For Him Gift Pack: Our True Love for Him Gift Pack includes True Love for Him & four complementing natural soaps. Lemon & Lime for calming, Peppermint & Pumice for exfoliation, Cedarwood for aroma & Sandalwood as a cleanser. Our True Love For Him soap in particular smells absolutely amazing.

We also have a lot of other gift packs at our special Father’s Day section at our website.

With all this and more on offer, we’ve really got you covered this Father’s Day.

– Emma ✌️

Beer – you may drink it, but did you know that the amber ale is great for the skin?


We have been talking about making a beer soap for a while – yes, you heard me right, a beer soap. Beer is a wonderful, natural ingredient for the skin. It’s packed full of B vitamins and proteins that your skin absorbs readily, leaving it soft and supple. In fact, you can get your amber ale fix (for the skin that is) at one of the many beer spas in Germany and Austria. And as an ingredient in soap, it creates a beautiful, thick, rich lather.

The thing that we weren’t sure about was the smell. Once it’s gone through the soap making process, it really does smell like you are standing in a brewery. We’ve spiced it up with some bay and clove oil but you cannot mistake it for anything else but beer soap.

But we’ve done some thorough product testing and the verdict is that all our human guinea pigs LOVE this soap. The guys in particular love the smell and LOVE the feeling on their skin….

So after much research and development (and just in time for Father’s Day!), we present to you…. Beer Soap  Cheers!